Symposia topics: Citizenship, Production, Green

Our three symposiums dovetail with this year’s themes of Ecologies, Economies and Engagement. Below are the questions posed by our curators and staff that will direct the discussions. What do these terms mean to you and what questions would you pose under these headings?


What does it mean to be an artist and a citizen?  How have artists been engaging the state, various legislative bodies and their neighbors up to this point?  How do new technologies change the ways in which artists can be citizens, how they can organize, and how they can effect change beyond the making of art?  Has performance suffered from a continuing display and even celebration of artists’ provincial solipsism, and is thinking through citizenship a path out of a self-induced position of irrelevance to wider cultural debates?


What does it mean to “produce”?  What is the evolution of the collective of terms “commission”, “present”, “produce”, and “co-produce”?  What do they actually mean in terms of commitment to the artists both financially and professionally?  What are new models in the works right now that might re-define these terms as well as the relationship between “producer” and “artist”?


Today there is a big movement to “go green“, but many artists in this sector have been reusing, recycling and reducing for years out of, among other things, financial necessity.  How have artists been harvesting “pre-owned” materials to create their work?  How are cultural facilities changing the way our light, sound and video systems consume energy?  How can we be even more evangelical about going green, not simply to save dollars, but also to save the planet? What are the hurdles and what are the resources out there to help us be more “green”?

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