Intimate Relations Berlin/NY: Luna’s Bracelet April 1

How do we heal? How do we remember? And do we have any control over either? Thursday’s presentation of excerpts of Luna’s Bracelet by Berlin-based playwright Beate Haeckl may or may not bring its audience closer to an answer to these questions. Nevertheless, preserving history, creating memory, reconciliation, and community healing are at the forefront of the collaborations the Segal Center hosts this week, as we see excerpts from work by Intimate Relations, a project of exchange and collaboration between Berlin and New York examining the impact of the Holocaust on non-Jewish German women and American Jewish women. I’m especially interested in the juxtaposition of Luna’s Bracelet – a Berlin production – with Searching for a New Sun by Robin Rice Lichtig, based out of New York. What do these plays and collaborative pieces of therapeutic reconciliation communicate to their audiences? How is it distinct from what they have meant to their performers? How is healing and memory shared?

Rayya El Zein

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