Intersections with Art and Performance – April 5 – Segal Ctr.

Very intrigued by this panel – lots of reasons to be – Jeremy Deller’s installation at New Museum (which Gavin Kroeber helped organize) last year was one of the more interesting art events in NYC, and Radiohole is doing its best work in years.
Still, some questions:
So, its not like the idea of the object as performance or the performing object is so new – that idea was teased out by Hugo Ball, the Zurich Dadaists, and was revived again and again. Henry Sayre wrote about it in The Object of Performance, and Michael Fried famously decried the theatricalization of objects years ago. We know that interdisciplinary investigation is common artistic practice. But this panel promises something else – institutional mixing (between performance art and the performing arts) as promise or as sellout of the nature of each specialization. I place my bet on the former – as Radiohole and Deller – whose public platform for intervention in the discourse around the Iraq War was a Happening for our time – featuring a destroyed Humvee as a “performative object.”
But, this panel promises to “eschew naive rapprochment” between disciplines? I wonder what kind of rapprochment is naive? Like, any? Is the very idea of rapprochment so alien to disciplinary distinctions that the very idea of it sends shudders through the halls of curator’s offices? Maybe we should HAVE some naive rapprochment! It might be fun.
Didnt Marina Abromavic audition performers for her re-presentations at MOMA this year? Was that a problem and if so, for who? She “cast” her performers who recreated their own versions of her work.

Didnt someone once do Spalding Gray’s Rumstick Road monologue that begins, “My name is Spalding Gray” and transform his character and identity into a performative one, much as he did?

Wasnt that okay?

But seriously – I’m going to hear about whatever

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