A refreshing night at Illuminating the Science: Art and Climate Change event

I had the fortune to celebrate Earth day at the event – Illuminating the Science: Art and Climate Change. Unlike numerous events on the theme of climate change, this event challenged two groups of professionals with almost exclusive lingo to share their thoughts, work, and to debate on the same panel. As a young graduate student with six years of scientific training on carbon sequestration, I found this event especially refreshing.

When both scientists and artists were “forced” to rethink, reorganize, and re-iterate their day-to-day work, in such an unfamiliar context, suddenly, what’s familiar becomes new, and strange, and different. And there is more to it. When Cynthia Hopkins beautifully sang the piece on Dr. Wallace Broecker, and told his wishes to live another 100 years to witness the climate change progress, I found myself profoundly moved, and connected on a personal level. Indeed, the method of scientific research has to be objective and impersonal, but what drew us to this field of work and what drove our lasting devotion, are often personal. It is a personal choice based on a personal value, judgment, moral, and vision for the future that one hopes to contribute in shaping.

Thanks to Segal theater and Earth Institute, I had a wonderful night, where I enjoyed the program, and rediscovered and refound something that I disconnect from. Bravo! Please continue to bring more exciting events.

-Xinxin Li

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