New Croatian Drama (getting ready)

Back in fall 2007 I had the chance to go to Zagreb for that year’s Showcase Croatia, a presentation of contemporary Croatian theatre organized by ITI. Not really a festival, Showcase Croatia is more like an introduction–a chance for those unacquainted with Croatian theatre to find out what it is all about, to understand where it is headed. I knew next to nothing about Croatian theatre when I arrived. During my stay, however, I saw several amazing performances, shared meals with a collection of really generous and insightful artists (including Jasen Boko who will be moderating Thursday’s event at the Segal), and was able to learn about a beautiful city rich with artistic life.

The Segal Center’s event on Thursday, May 13, New Croatian Drama, is a chance for those in the New York theatre community to get to know some of the influential artists of the Croatian theatre. Though I am not familiar with the work of Tena Stivicic (I apologize for the missing diacriticals), I was able to see a really unique event around the work of Ivana Sajko when I was in Zagreb. Sajko performed excerpts of her own work with the accompaniment of a small jazz ensemble. Her writing has created quite a stir in Croatia and throughout Europe.

I’m looking forward to checking back in after Thursday’s event and to share my thoughts on the conversation that took place. I hope many of you can come by and hear what’s happening in contemporary Croatian theatre and share your thoughts.

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