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A Day with Robert Lepage/Canada

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Nov 14, 2016
Nov 14, 2016
Segal Theater
Photo by Jocelyn Michel leconsulat

Photo by Jocelyn Michel leconsulat


Monday, November 14
Segal Theatre
7:00pm Artist Talk +
11:00am Screenings

FREE + Open to public. First come, first served.

Born in Quebec in 1957, Robert Lepage is one of the most versatile theatre artists of his generation. Working as an actor, playwright, and director he is constantly creating work in theatre, film, and opera. Since founding his theater company Ex Machina in 1994, his work has toured festivals worldwide and has won him great international acclaim. In his work, Lepage draws from contemporary history as a source of inspiration, and he has been at the forefront of telling stories through the use of new technology.

Lepage has presented his work at major theaters and opera houses including The Metropolitan Opera, Opera National de Paris, Cirque du Soleil at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, and The National Theatre in London, and has been artistic director of several institutions including Théâtre français at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa and Ex Machina. Currently he is in New York preparing Kaija Saariaho’s medieval romance L’Amour de Loin (Love From Afar), which will have its Met premiere on December 1, 2016. One of the most highly praised operas of recent years, Lepage’s L’Amour de Loin premiered at the L’Opéra de Québec in 2015. Simultaneously, he is working on his visionary arts center Le Diamant, an international-scale performing arts center in Quebec City, the new home for his theatre company Ex Machina.

All-day screenings will be followed by a talk with Robert Lepage about his work and practice with Frank Hentschker.

Screenings curated by Soriya Chum.

With additional support from Emmanuelle Sirois, International Project Advisor, Centre des auteurs dramatiques (CEAD) / Québec.



The selections will focus on Lepage’s diverse career as a director of film, opera, and exhibition design.

Far Side of the Moon, 2003 | FILM, 105 mins (French with English subtitles)
After the death of his mother, a man tries to discover meaning in his life and in the universe and to rebuild a relationship with the only family he has left: his brother.

The Rake’s Progress, 2010 | OPERA, 175 mins (English)
Stravinsky’s masterwork The Rake’s Progress, created for Teatro La Fenice in Venice in 1951, is based on a libretto by W. H. Auden and Chester Kallman, inspired by a series of 18th century prints by William Hogarth. This amazing production from La Monnaie–De Munt ‘jazzifies’ the setting by replacing Hogarth’s sin city, London, with 1950s Las Vegas, turning it into a glittering, cinematic gallery of tableaux vivants inspired by the early days of television. Staged by one of the most visionary theatre directors of our age, the Québécois Robert Lepage, the neoclassical morality tale truly becomes a grand spectacle. Lepage’s visual imagination works its magic superbly, while Kazushi Ono’s energetic musical direction drives the sparkling ensemble to exhilarating heights. This is the same production performed at The Royal Opera House, London.

52 mins (French with English subtitles)
This documentary describes the final three months leading up to the opening of Moulin à images, an impressionistic performance-event celebrating Quebec City’s 400th anniversary. Director Robert Lepage works with a member of the Ex Machina team, leading a group of talented and creative young people who were invited to build this monumental panorama. This film by Mariano Franco and Marie Belzil demonstrates the scope of the Lepage project, highlighting the contribution of every artist. The Image Mill Revealed is an adventure in art for the viewing audience.

Triptyque, 2013 | FILM, 90mins (French with English subtitles)
Triptych is a contemporary urban saga that tells the story of Michelle, a schizophrenic bookseller, her sister Marie, a singer and actress, and Thomas, a German neurologist and Marie’s future husband.