African Body Snatchers-Collaborative: African Body Snatchers

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African Body Snatchers-Collaborative: African Body Snatchers

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March 2, 2018
Segal Theatre


Photo courtesy of the artists

Friday 2 | 5:00pm | Segal Theatre

US | 2017 | 17 minutes | Directed by the African Body Snatchers-Collaborative


The African Body Snatcher is the performance of a modern-day myth. The Snatcher is a deity born of a historical fiction that questions the treatment of the body, representative of the black African body—its dysmorphic stereotype, its dismemberment throughout the vast African diaspora. This Transatlantic story involves a fated mix of the waters off the coast of Jamestown, Virginia and James Town, Accra that reawakens the entrapped spirit of Queen Dode Akai, a 16th century African slaver put to death by her own people. The Snatcher is on the last leg of her journey to reenter Africa by way of James Town, Accra in order to complete her prophesied return and release from entrapment…



Ayana Evans is a provocative NYC based performance artist who teaches at Brown University. She recently received the Jerome Foundation’s Theater and Travel & Study Grant for artistic research abroad and the Franklin Furnace Award. www.ayanaevans.com

Nana Ama Bentsi-Enchill is a multi-disciplinary artist living in Brooklyn. Her current series, Promotion, is an evolving performance/ visual installation that explores the confrontation of opposing cultural value systems when they meet at the dinner table.

Tsedaye Makonnen is an Ethiopian-American interdisciplinary artist who creates performance art, sculpture and installations about identity, migration, colorism, womanhood, ritual, and kinship.

Megan Rucker Livingston is a recording and performance artist, essayist, poet and conceptualist based in Baltimore, Maryland. Her work focuses on themes of healing, partnership, trauma and identity—and is born from a desire to turn the personal into the strategic and in doing so reveal what is ultimately and intimately universal. The daughter of a teacher and a preacher, Megan holds a degree in peace studies and uses it daily.

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