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Mar 8, 2019
Mar 8, 2019
segal theatre

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Friday 8 | 4:00pm | Segal Theatre

Romania | 2010 | 70 minutes | directed by Radu Gabrea
Romanian with English Subtitles

Romania, WWII. Against all odds, a group of Jewish actors, composers, and musicians –expelled from the Romanian theatres by racial laws – creates an extraordinary theater called Barasheum. Operating between 1941 and 1944 and featuring legendary figures, such as Jenny Shmilovici, Agnia Bogoslava, the Gamberto sisters, N. Stroe and the dancing couple Benny & Rudy, the theather was a bastion of cultural resistance and hope in a time of great anti-semitic violence. Renowned Romanian filmmaker Radu Gabrea, who devoted many films to Yiddish culture and the history of the Romanian Jews, along with film historian and veteran Jerusalem Cinematheque staff-member, Costel Safirman, take us on a nostalgic and uplifting documentary journey.


Photo courtesy of the artist

Radu Gabrea graduated from the Civil Engineering Institute in Bucharest (1960) and the “Ion Luca Caragiale” Theatre and Film Institute (1968) – Film Directing Department. His debut feature Too Small for Such a Big War (1969) was awarded at the Locarno Film Festival in 1970 and selected for the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs of the Cannes International Film Festival the same year. His feature Beyond Sands was selected for the 1974 Quinzaine des Réalisateurs and censored by direct orders of Nicolae Ceausescu. In 1975, Gabrea moved to Germany and spent 20 years making a series of important films in German including A Man Like Eve, dedicated to Rainer Werner Fassbinder. After the 1989 revolution, he returned to Romania where he directed many films. In 2002 he was awarded the Order of Faithful Service – Knight Degree, of the Romanian Presidency. In February 2011 he was awarded the Knight`s Cross of the Order of Merit of The Federal Republic of Germany.