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Mar 6, 2019
Mar 6, 2019
Segal Theatre
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Photo courtesy of the artist

Wednesday 6 | 4:30pm | Segal Theatre

Spain | 2016 | 83 minutes | directed by Manuel Fernández Valdés
Spanish with English subtitles

Recipient of important awards in Spain and abroad, Angélica Liddell’s dramaturgy is
considered one of the most avant-garde in contemporary European theater. As Liddell
starts working in her new play, director Manuel Fernández-Valdés decides to capture
her rehearsal process on camera. The hallmarks of Liddell’s autobiographical work are
social criticism, heartrending expressionism, purity and the search for meaning through
pain and subversion. These characteristics affect the essence of her working method
and the people who work with her. Each one of them, including Fernández-Valdés,
must decide how far they are willing to go. Angélica [a tragedy] is an insightful look to
the theater stage process, the devotion to art, and the troubled relationship between
creation and life.

Photo courtesy of the artist

Manuel Fernández-Valdés (Pontevedra, 1979) debuted in 2008
with the full-length documentary Manuel y Elisa (Manuel and Elisa),
award-winning at the Play-Doc festival (Tui). In 2012 he premiered his
second full-length documentary Fraga y Fidel sin embargo (Fraga
and Fidel after all), which was showed in Dífferent 6! L’autre cínema
espagnol (Paris), Cineteca (Madrid), Alcances (Cádiz), IBAFF (Murcia),
Cineuropa (Santiago de Compostela) and CGAI (A Coruña). Angélica
[una tragedia] (Angélica [a tragedy]) is his latest film.

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