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Mar 8, 2019
Mar 8, 2019
segal theatre

Photo by Takaki Sudo

Friday 8 | 11:30am | Segal Theatre

Japan | 2018| 80 minutes | directed by Suguru Yamamoto
produced by Festival/Tokyo
co-produced by DOCU(NT)MENT/Steep Slope Studio
Japanese with English Subtitles

Playwright and director Suguru Yamamoto (HANCHU-YUEI) made his first ever film
production as a new work in his solo project DOCU(NT)MENT, which examines the lives
of single human beings. In Changes he turns to Mikie Tanaka, an actor who had just left
Yamamoto’s HANCHU-YUEI after four years with the company. The film appears as a
documentary, following the actor as she becomes slimmer, but it remains ambiguous as
to which parts actually happened and which were intentionally planned. Adopting the
approach of documentary cinema while also functioning as an experimental film that
resisted that framework, this work will continue to be shot, edited, and screened over
the next two years, with each public screening changing the way it is made and shown.

Image by Tadashi Aoki

Harnessing his interdisciplinary arts education across cinema,
literature, music, and visual art, Suguru Yamamoto constructs a
theatrical world vividly reflecting contemporary shifts in ethics
and the circulation of information. Girl X won Best Play and Best
Original Script awards at the Bangkok Theatre Festival in 2014.