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Mar 6, 2019
Mar 6, 2019
Segal Theatre

Photo by Eric Marciano

Wednesday 6 | 1:00pm | Segal Theatre

US | 2018 | 60 minutes | directed by Eric Marciano

Chris Tanner and the Theater of Life/Death is a work-in-progress feature length
documentary essay on the theatrical and artistic response to the HIV/AIDS Epidemic by
the downtown New York Experimental, Off and Off-Off Broadway theater community. It
features scenes from twelve downtown Manhattan theater productions selected from
30 years of filmed documentation, 1985 to 2015. All of the shows feature writer, actor,
singer and painter Chris Tanner and his many amazing shows and talented theater
collaborators along with interviews with the playwrights and performers to gain an
understanding of how the AIDS Epidemic affected their work and lives. The film includes
work and performances by Sebastian Stuart, Stephen Lott, Ann Saxman, Mary Lou
Wittmer, Everett Quinton, Brenden Olson, Zsamira Sol Ronquillo, Lance Cruce, Bobby
Reed, Julia Atlas Muz, John Jesurun, Taylor Mac, Ildiko Nemeth and many, many more.

Photo by Meredith Marciano

For over 30 years, Eric Marciano and his company American
Montage have produced and post-produced numerous awardwinning
shows for HBO, ESPN, Discovery and A&E Channels.
Recently, Marciano has created a film documenting the vibrant
painter Leroy Neiman; and a film celebrating 50 years of the
pioneering La Mama, E.T.C. theatre featuring interviews with Peter
Brook, Andres Serban, Elizabeth Swados and Sam Shepherd. He
has been working on a documentary series with the acclaimed
theatre company The Amoralists since 2011. In 2014 Mr. Marciano
launched the first video based web site devoted to New York Off
and Off-Off Broadway Theater: www.theaterfanatic.com.