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David Levine & David Conison – THEATR

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Feb 26, 2016
Feb 26, 2016
Segal Theatre


Photo courtesy of the artists

Photo courtesy of the artists

6:00pm – 6:30pm
David Levine & David Conison – THEATR (US, 2015)
30 minutes | Segal Theatre (70 seats)
www.david-levine.net, www.conison.com

David Levine and David Conison discuss their provocative, innovative and disruptive idea on how you can commission theatre in your own home: “Our project is an app, somewhere between Uber and Seamless, that will offer theater on-demand, straight to your home, and basically get rid of the entire institutional and physical architecture of theater.”


"Habit" David Levine NY Premiere Presented by Performance Space 122 & FIAF's Crossing the Line Festival New York, N.Y. September 21, 2012 Photo Credit: Julieta Cervantes

David Levine. Photo by Julieta Cervantes


David Conison

David Conison. Photo courtesy of the artist

David Levine & David Conison are both theater directors concerned with the transactional elements of theatergoing.