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Andy Field’s Encounterism

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Jun 5, 2023
Jun 5, 2023
Live Stream


Join us for a Zoom talk with Andy Field, Deborah Pearson, and Ira Brand about Forest Fringe—an independent, not-for-profit space in the midst of the Edinburgh Festival. For over 10 years, Forest Fringe has built a community of artists and playwrights. 

Each year they return to Edinburgh they experiment with different ways of doing things and new contexts to accommodate even the most unusual experiences. Meanwhile they’ve also started exploring beyond the festival, creating new projects across the UK and internationally, including a festival in an old cinema in the center of Bangkok, a series of performances on night buses across London and a traveling library of audio experiences. Forest Fringe see themselves as a bridge, finding imaginative ways to connect the country’s most innovative performance artists and theatre makers with new audiences, new supporters and new contexts for their work.

Andy Field is based in London, UK. He creates projects that invite people to consider their relationship to the places they live and the people they live with. A key strand of Andy’s practice involves making work in collaboration with young people with the aim of enabling them to play a meaningful part in the civic discourse of the cities and towns in which they live. He is also the author of the co-author of Performance in an Age of Precarity (2021) and Encounterism (2023), and the co-director of the award-winning arts co-op Forest Fringe.