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GENDER & IDENTITY: Eleanor Fogg and Vivianna Chiotini/johnsmith | I AM A BOYS CHOIR | Sylvan Oswald & Maria Cataldo

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Feb 25, 2016
Feb 25, 2016
Segal Theatre
what it feels like for a girl image

Photo courtesy of the artists

5:30pm – 5:40pm
Eleanor Fogg and Vivianna Chiotini/johnsmith
– what it feels like for a girl (UK, 2015)
5 minutes 27 seconds | Segal Theatre (70 seats)

johnsmith is a whatever being. Channeling Patrick Bateman and Madonna, john gets something off their chest in this razor sharp and revealing cabaret performance.

johnsmith image

Photo courtesy of the artists

When johnsmith was born, an atom was fired at two slits. The scientists were surprised to see that the singular atom/john behaved like a fluid wave, and appeared to flow through both slits at the same time. They wanted to look closer, so they fired the atom/john again and watched. Under the pressure of an audience, the atom/john started behaving like a particle again and chose one slit to go through. The scientists keep repeating the experiment, and every time the atom/ john is watched it makes a different choice. Each performance john makes chrysalises, one persona from many possibilities.



Photo courtesy of the artists

5:40pm – 6:15pm
I Am A Boys Choir
– demonstrating the imaginary body (US, 2015)
27 minutes 51 seconds| Segal Theatre (70 seats)

demonstrating the imaginary body is a work that exists somewhere between a gender studies lecture and an ice skating competition. Powered by the queer imagination, I AM A BOYS CHOIR investigates the body myth of the female athlete and the process of earning institutional validation by conforming to specific identity markers in regards to class and gender. There is also a lot of Tonya Harding.


Photo courtesy of the artists

I AM A BOYS CHOIR is a queer identified interdisciplinary performance collective founded in 2013 by designer Adam Rigg, choreographer Chris DeVita, and playwright Kate Attwell. Works have been seen at The Public Theater, REDCAT, La MaMa ETC, The Invisible Dog, Movement Research @ Judson Church, Dixon Place, The Wassaic Project, Mount Tremper Arts, JACK, and BAM.




Outtakes Still-Ep2

Photo courtesy of the artists

6:15pm – 6:20pm
Sylvan Oswald & Maria Cataldo
– Outtakes (US, 2015)
15 minutes | Segal Theatre (70 seats)

Outtakes is a lo-fi web series based on the genre of the transition video. People in the process of transitioning their gender create these raw journal entries on cell phones and webcams to share experiences and information, and to feel less isolated by reaching out and building community online. Outtakes blurs the lines between what is real and what is imagined. The show is about what it means when a very private journey has to happen in public.

Oswald and Cataldo

(L) Sylvan Oswald (R) Maria Cataldo. Photo courtesy of the artists

Sylvan Oswald creates plays, texts, publications, and video. Plays include A Kind of Weather, Profanity, Nightlands, Sun Ra, Pony, and Vendetta Chrome. Sylvan is an assistant professor of playwriting at UCLA, an affiliated artist at Clubbed Thumb, a recipient of a Dorothy B. Strelsin Playwriting Fellowship from Soho Rep, and a resident playwright at New Dramatists.

Co-Director Maria Cataldo is a New York City-based filmmaker best known for her work directing and producing MTV’s Clio Award Winning Rebel Music, a six part documentary serious about protest music emerging from conflict areas around the world.