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I AM A MISTAKE: An Evening with Jan Fabre

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Jan 27, 2009
Jan 27, 2009
Segal Theater
JAN FABRE Photo © Stephen Van Fleteren

Photo © Stephen Van Fleteren

Join us for an afternoon & evening with internationally-acclaimed Belgian artist Jan Fabre as we celebrate his rich body of work and the upcoming publication of I AM A MISTAKE: Seven Works for the Theatre (MESTC Press). The event will include performances of Fabre texts by Josh Fox & International WOW, as well as acclaimed Choreographer/Director Yoshiko Chuma & Shirotama Hitsujiya. Discussion will follow with Jan Fabre, Mark Geurden, & Mark Wheeler. We will also highlight Fabre’s upcoming performances of The Orgy of Tolerance, part of the Peak Performances Series at Montclair State University, January 22nd- 25th, 2009.

Jan Fabre (b. Antwerp, 1958) is well known both at home and abroad as one of the most innovative and versatile artists of his day. Over the last 25 years he has produced work as a performance artist, theatre-maker, choreographer, opera-maker, author and artist. He expands the horizons of every genre he engages in. His artistic course has always been controversial. In the late Seventies, while still very young, Jan Fabre caused a furor as a performance artist; in his ‘money performances’ he set light to bundles of money the audience had given him and did drawings with the ashes. Jan Fabre has grown into one of the most versatile artists on the international scene. He breaks away from the codes of the existing theatre by introducing ‘real time performance’ — sometimes called ‘living installations’ — and explores radical choreographic possibilities in order to bring renewal to classical dance. The body in all its forms has been the subject of his investigations from the early Eighties to the present.

Director Josh Fox & International WOW Company: Founded in 1996 by a group of theatre and dance artists from Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, and the US, International WOW Company has created over 40 new plays, consistently lauded as ambitious, inventive, and visually stunning. The company develops works that position community and culture in an international context and redefine the dramatic event in the changing landscape of globalization. Over the past 8 years, International WOW has become a pioneer of international theatre exchange, incorporating performance methods from the East and West, and forging an interdisciplinary training for actors.

Yoshiko Chuma (Conceptual Artist / Choreographer/ Director) Artistic Director of The School of Hard Knocks is a native of Japan and came to the US in 1976. She has created more than 60 full-length performance works for theatres and site-specific venues indoors and outdoors with her company and as commissioned works throughout the world. Some of the sites include: Hong Kong harbor, Eiffel Tower and Newcastle Swing Bridge. Theaters include: Joyce Theater, Dance Theater Workshop, City Center (in NYC); National Theater of Sarajevo, and others.

Shirotama Hitsujiya In 1990, Hitsujiya started singing in clubs and performing in Tokyo. In 1994, she founded YUBIWA Hotel as artistic director. Since then, she has used a warehouse, a tennis court, a strip club and an art gallery as performance venues. The performers of YUBIWA Hotel are all female and Hitsujiya tries to seek and suggest new views and images of society, the world and women. She is known for her expressions of human desires, sexuality and violence and the instinct for food, life, and death. Her work stages the questions “What are women?” and “Why do we believe stereotypical images of women?”

6:30- 8:30p.m., Tuesday, January 27, 2009 Martin E. Segal Theatre. Free!