Kroeber + Camp: After the Show

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Kroeber + Camp: After the Show

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Nov 14, 2013
Nov 14, 2013
Segal Theatre


2pm Symposium + 6:30pm Even ing Program

A Forum on Transgressive Theatre

Why do the experimental performing arts persist in making “shows,” rather than encounters, parades, meals, businesses, vehicles, protests, games or vacations? Why, after turning away from “theatre” and “drama” to terms such as “contemporary performance,” are artists still performing for theatrical audiences in black boxes?

After the Show, organized by Robert Quillen Camp and Gavin Kroeber, looks at both persistent concepts and institutional forces that produce a constrained vision of theatre’s rightful domain and form. The event stages discussions about practices, both real and fictive, that challenge the model of “the show”. Through a series of presentations, staged debates and thought experiments, the program will attempt to imagine and inhabit the theatre that might come “after the show”.

With contributions from David Levine, Aaron Landsman, Odyssey Works, Woodshed Collective, Karinne Keithley-Syers, Jim Findlay, Yelena Gluzman, Caleb Hammons, Radiohole, Katie Pearl, David Conison, Alec Duffy, Shannon Jackson, Melanie Joseph, Temporary Distortion, and others.

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