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Mar 8, 2019
Mar 8, 2019
Segal Theatre

Photo by Juan Rayos

Friday 8 | 3:00pm | Segal Theatre

Spain | 2013 | 63 minutes | directed by Juan Rayos | written by La Tristura
Spainish with English Subtitles

Over a two-year period, the Spanish filmmaker Juan Rayos documented a series of dialogues, battles, rehearsals and travels, a process that starts with bubbling and ends up turning into Materia Prima, a theater piece by the company La Tristura which transforms the perception of four kids and takes them on a tour around Spain, Brazil and Poland. Los Primeros Días is a film about four faces, their fleeting beauty and about that moment in life in which thinking, talking and burning are all the same thing.


Photo by Marta San Vicente

Juan Rayos is a filmmaker and artist based in Madrid. He has made documentaries such as: I Don’t Recognize Myself (2019), a portrait of his uncle with schizophrenia, La sonrisa verdadera (True Smile, 2014), about the story of Sergio, an autistic and blind young boy, and Los primeros días (The First Days, 2013) with four kids and the theatre company La Tristura. He enjoyed the scholarship granted by the Spanish Academy in Rome, was selected in the Injuve Photography competition in 2001 and Injuve Art Show in 2004. His films have been shown worldwide at the Cinema d’Autor Film Festival 2014 in Barcelona, Document Art Film festival 2014 in Bucharest, Banff Mountain Film Festival 2013 in Canada, Maremostra Film Festival 2012 in Mallorca, at the Cineteca of Madrid and the Film Archive of Spain.