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FTP: Rodrigo Abreu & Mariana Bley – Inflamável

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Mar 2, 2017
Mar 2, 2017

Photo by Mariana Bley

3:20pm – 3:30pm
Rodrigo Abreu & Mariana Bley – Inflamável (Brazil, 2014)
10 minutes | Segal Theatre
Portuguese with English subtitles

Inflamável (literal translation: flammable) is an artistic and performative ritual. It relates to the religious syncretism that shapes Brazilian culture, that mixes symbols and rituals from african religions – such as candomblé and umbanda – indigenous shamanism and Catholicism. It’s a praise to the fire, in which words, desires, concerns, inquietudes and every feeling that demands transformation is burned. The filmed performance possesses a documentary quality as it portrays public protests and a country in crisis.

Photo courtesy of the artists

Rodrigo Abreu is a Brazilian artist researcher who develops works of urban art as political, social, affective, and spiritual engagements. His ritual art acts as a channel for the transformation of the human being. Abreu develops works as an actor, performer and art director.

Mariana Bley is a Brazilian artist. She graduated in History at UFSC and in Cinematography at the Cinema School Darcy Ribeiro. Her works develop on the threshold between the cinema, the visual arts, and performance. As director, cinematographer, and editor, she has made several award-winning short and feature films shown at festivals worldwide.