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Mar 6, 2019
Mar 6, 2019
Segal Theatre

Photo by Raúl Macías

Wednesday 6 | 3:30pm | Segal Theatre

Chile | 2017 | 60 minutes | directed by Marcelo Porta
co-produced by María de la Luz Hurtado | original Music Angela Acuña
co-written by Hugo Osorio & María de la Luz Hurtado | distribution by Jirafa
Spanish with English Subtitles

Andrés Pérez Araya (1951-2002) has become established as one of the most
outstanding Chilean artists of his time. Actor, theatre director and dramatist, he was a
prominent defender of gay rights and popular and political theatre against a backdrop
of military dictatorship and widespread intolerance of homosexuality. Andrés lived in
Paris during the dictatorship of Pinochet’s government, where for 8 years he formed
part of Ariane Mnouchkine’s Théâtre du Soleil. Here he rose to fame, interpretating
the lead role of Gandhi in L´Indiade. This documentary was made during Andrés’ last
years, and in it he talks about his life, with the focus on his final work La Huida (The
Escape), which is largely autobiographical. Andrés has posthumously achieved cult
status with universal acclaim.

Photo courtesy of the artist

Marcelo Porta is a Chilean filmmaker, photographer and visual
artist. Part of his work has been dedicated to register the work of
Chilean artists like Nicanor Parra, Enrique Linh, and Andrés Pérez,
Chilean dramatist and actor. As a filmmaker, his first short film Una
Pelicula del Siglo Pasado (2001) was selected in Huesca and the
experimental week in Madrid. His documentary short film El Hombre
Imaginario (2004/2007) was selected in Berlin Film Festival and
Valencia. In 2006 he premiered Tacos de Cemento, a film about
the last play by actor and dramatist Andrés Pérez Araya. Currently,
he is developing the projects El Hombre Imaginario a feature film
about Nicanor Parra (in postproduction) and Morrison’s Hotel about
the life of Jim Morrison in Paris and poet Arthur Rimbaud, also in