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The Animated Al Hirschfeld: A Commemoration

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May 23, 2011
May 23, 2011
Segal Theater
Al Hirschfeld, Self-portrait Photo Courtesy of Louise Hirschfeld Cullman

Al Hirschfeld, Self-portrait
Photo Courtesy of Louise Hirschfeld Cullman

Louise Hirschfeld Cullman, President of The Al Hirschfeld Foundation, leads us through an evening dedicated to the animated films of the late Al Hirschfeld, the legendary caricaturist of Broadway. The screening will include a short Japanese documentary and The Rhapsody in Blue, a segment of Fantasia 2000. It is an homage to George Gershwin, New York City, and Hirschfeld’s art. Come witness Hirschfeld’s signature drawing style come to life in animated film. Followed by a discussion and Q & A with Louise Hirschfeld Cullman.

Al Hirschfeld, the most famous and respected caricaturist of the past century, left a treasure trove of art work that defined not only the theatre and film world, but also gave a personal and insightful view of the culture of a constantly evolving society. This treasure trove of inspired work is now entrusted to the loving care of The Al Hirschfeld Foundation. Louise Hirschfeld Cullman, as current President of The Al Hirschfeld Foundation, has taken over the task of overseeing new exhibitions, (over a dozen since 2004), supervising publications, directing educational programs and spearheading philanthropic endeavors. One of the most exciting and rewarding ventures under the Foundation’s guidance, is the 2008 collaboration with the New York City Board of Education, to produce “The Al Hirschfeld Project”, a curriculum for teaching the arts in New York public schools.  Most recently, Louise Hirschfeld Cullman has organized “Hirschfeld on Shaw” for Canada’s “The Shaw Festival”, “Hirschfeld At The Metropolitan Opera

Louise + Al hirschfeld, 1996 Photo Courtesy of Louise Hirschfeld Cullman

Louise + Al hirschfeld, 1996
Photo Courtesy of Louise Hirschfeld Cullman

– 2009”, and “Hirschfeld On Tennessee Williams”, a centenary exhibition in New Orleans in 2010. During her earlier career as a theatre historian, Louise Hirschfeld Cullman created exhibitions presenting the movie and Broadway legacy of the DeMille family, “The DeMille Dynasty”, a study of one hundred years of one family’s creativity. She also organized and created exhibits featuring individual European directors and designers who were exiles in America, such as Max Reinhardt and Leo Kerz. For twenty years, she has worked in television production as research consultant for major networks, museums and award winning producers. She has served as picture editor and essayist for several publications, including, “Hirschfeld On Line”, and “Hirschfeld’s British Aisles.” As a photographer, her works have been exhibited at New York’s Leica Gallery in 2002 and 2008. In 2003, in collaboration with her Co-Chair, Arthur Gelb of the New York Times, and producer Roccco Landesman, she was instrumental in securing the ultimate Broadway tribute for her late husband…the re-naming of the Martin Beck Theatre to The Al Hirschfeld Theatre.

Monday, May 23, 2011, 6:30 p.m.
Martin E. Segal Theatre. Free!