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The Art of Assembly: Political Theatre Today

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Mar 30, 2023
Mar 30, 2023
Live Stream



Join us for a Zoom Talk with author and curator Florian Malzacher and others to discuss the upcoming Segal Center publication The Art of Assembly— Political Theatre Today.

Political theater reflects social phenomena and discusses them at the same time. With the possibilities of the performing, fine and activist arts, it mediates between participation and problematization, self-assurance and differentiation.

Florian Malzacher, internationally networked curator, author and dramaturge, illuminates the content and forms of political theater using these mental barbs: Who is represented and how? Who underlies which understanding of identity? Who uses which forms of participation, and with what scope does this happen? How are art and activism combined in political theatre? What connections are there between political theater – as provocation in the literal sense – and the major issues of the present, also from a global perspective? Malzacher offers an exciting and inspiring look behind the scenes and on the stages of political theater and works out the opportunities, the importance and the fracture zones of this art form.