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FTP: The Living Theatre – Know Your Rites Tour

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Mar 6, 2017
Mar 6, 2017
Segal Theatre

Photo © TLT Archive

All Day On Loop
The Living Theatre, Directed by Jessica Daughtery – Know Your Rites Tour (US, 2016)
40 minutes | | Segal Theatre Lobby

The Living Theatre toured across America in the summer of 2016. Stopping in over twenty cities in various venues, the company also developed pieces in the streets, in corporate headquarters, and in public spaces. Here is a loop of some of those pieces.


The Living Theatre To call into question who we are to each other in the social environment of the theatre, to undo the knots that lead to misery, to spread ourselves across the public’s table like platters at a banquet, to set ourselves in motion like a vortex that pulls the spectator into action, to fire the body’s secret engines, to pass through the prism and come out a rainbow, to insist that what happens in the jails matters, to cry “Not in my name!” at the hour of execution, to move from the theater to the street and from the street to the theater. This is what The Living Theatre does today. It is what it has always done.