Motus Theatre Company: Your Whole Life is a Rehearsal

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Motus Theatre Company: Your Whole Life is a Rehearsal

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March 2, 2018
Segal Theatre

Photo by Tiziana Tomasulo

Friday 2 | 12:00pm | Segal Theatre

Italy | 2016 | 42 minutes | directed by Motus Theatre Company
Italian and English

The documentary was created using a series of unreleased video materials from the
rehearsals of The Plot is the Revolution at the Clinton Street Theater in New York in
2011. This film tells the falling in love and the fall of barriers between two companies
(Motus and the Living Theatre) and two actors (Silvia Calderoni and Judith Malina)
who entered a telepathic symbiosis.

Photo by END&DNA

Enrico Casagrande and Daniela Nicolò founded Motus in 1991 in Rimini and have recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of the company. An important event for this group that burst onto the scene with productions wielding great physical and emotional impact and has always anticipated and portrayed some of the harshest contradictions of the present day. Throughout the years, the group has created theatre shows, performances, installations and videos, conducted seminars and workshops, taken part in interdisciplinary festivals. They’ve received numerous acknowledgements and have performed all over the world.


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