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Twelve Videos of Contemporary German Theatre, 1972-2002

Segal Theater

You won't want to miss this series of videos of theatrical productions by leading German directors of the last three decades-the largest public showing of German theatre productions ever in New York City.


The Poetry of Tennessee Williams, A Dramatic Reading

Segal Theater

Discover the poetry of one of America's most important playwrights. Few people know that Tennessee Williams was a poet before he turned to playwriting and that he continued to write poetry throughout his career.


Prelude ’04

Segal Theater

This second annual Prelude to Off-Broadway will feature some of the most interesting theatre that New York City has to offer. The weekend will provide students, faculty members, teachers, theatre professionals, and theatergoers with a first look at the eclectic work being developed for the upcoming 2004-05 season and beyond. Events include performances and readings of new plays, live rehearsals, process workshops, and panel presentations, all followed by discussion. Prelude will also include breakout sessions led by artistic directors and theatre-related professionals; topics will include African-American theatre, Carribean theatre, dramaturgy, graduate theatre studies, and translation. (Please check the websites for the schedule.)


Vijay Tendulkar

Segal Theater

Join us for an evening celebrating Vijay Tendulkar, a leading contemporary Indian playwright, screen and television writer, literary essayist, political journalist, and social commentator.


Via Toledo by Night by Raffaele Viviani, American Premiere

Elebash Recital Hall

In this unique 1918 one-act musical play the night life on Via Toledo, one of Naples' major thoroughfares, comes alive as those struggling to make a living-street vendors, bakers, hackney drivers-intermingle with vagabonds, petty gangsters, pimps, prostitutes, the police, and the wealthy bon vivants.


An Evening of Witkiewicz

Segal Theater

ainter, playwright, philosopher, novelist, and expert on drugs, S.I. Witkiewicz (1885-1939), known as Witkacy, is now recognized as a major figure of the twentieth-century avant-garde


The Magic World of Puppet Artist Basil Twist:

Proshansky Auditorium

Explore the marvelous world of Basil Twist. Through his highly imaginative work, Twist has become one of America's most important young puppet artists.


George Bartenieff

Segal Theater

In an exclusive performance for The Graduate Center, George Bartenieff, one of the stars of New York Off- and Off-Off Broadway theatre since the early 1960s, will present The Klemperer Diaries, possibly the most important documents recording firsthand experiences of German fascism, and a timely portrayal of one man's struggle to maintain his humanity in the face of barbarism.


A Conversation with Artists

Segal Theater

A conversation bringing together several artists who rewrite, stage, or otherwise reinterpret classic plays. The evening will examine the return to the classics in America and abroad as well as the relationship between the avant-garde and classics. Both American culture and European culture will be discussed as definers of a "canon" and interpreter of classical plays. The panel will include John Jesurun, Marianne Weems, Lee Breuer, and others.


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