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PRELUDE Festival 2023


The Other Downtown: David Levine, Matthew Gasda

David Levine, Matthew Gasda



1 hour

5:30PM EST

Thursday, October 12, 2023

Elebash Recital Hall, The Graduate Center, 5th Avenue, New York, NY, USA

David Levine invites Matthew Gasda, author of "Dimes Square" and director of the Brooklyn Center for Theater Research, to discuss what's under the radar of Under the Radar.

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David Levine is a former theater director. He bailed when he realized Primary Stages was paying him 45 cents an hour. His work has since since been featured in the New York Times, Artforum, Frieze, and the New Yorker. His holographic film DISSOLUTION will have its American premiere at the Museum of the Moving Image this October.

He is, more relevantly, the co-author of "Re-Public," a manifesto for the overhaul of the Public Theater, commissioned by Theater Magazine in 2005. Shockingly, his suggested reforms still have not been implemented.

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