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The Martin E. Segal Theater Center presents


At the Segal Theatre Film and Performance Festival 2024

A film by

Fernanda Pessoa and Chica Barbosa

Documentary, Film, Spoken Word

This film will be screened in-person on May 17th.

About The Film




English, Portuguese, Spanish

Running Time



Year of Release


The year in which everything radically changed, where real and invisible borders took on another dimension, is the root of a filmic provocation. Two girlfriends, separated by the North and South hemispheres of America, intend to dance in the tumult of images, violence, frustrations and desires. They do it through a game where registering themselves and the women around them enables a dialogue that becomes real and vivid, as a hug determined to resist the distance.

Script Chica Barbosa, Fernanda Pessoa Direction Chica Barbosa, Fernanda Pessoa Executive Production Jessica Luz Cinematography Chica Barbosa, Fernanda Pessoa Sound Tiago Bello, Chica Barbosa, Fernanda Pessoa Original music Aline Araújo, Julia Teles, Thiago Zanato Editor Chica Barbosa, Fernanda Pessoa VFX Pedro Gallego, Thiago Zanato

About The Artist(s)

Fernanda Pessoa and Chica Barbosa

Fernanda Pessoa (1986) is a Brazilian filmmaker and artist. PhD candidate at USP researching women's experimental cinema in Latin America, MFA at Sorbonne Nouvelle. Her first documentary “Stories our cinema did (not) tell” (2017) was screened in over 25 festivals. Her second documentary “Arid Zone” (2019) received a Jury Mention at DOK Leipzig. Her work has been shown at IDFA, RIDM, Doclisboa, DOC NYC, Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, BIENALSUR, CalArts, among others.
Chica Barbosa is an award winning Brazilian-Mexican filmmaker based in Los Angeles. Her work focuses on non-fiction cinema, experimental and hybrid narratives, addressing themes like immigration, colonization, LGBTQ+ rights, identity and faith as an act of resistance. Her short film “La Flaca” (The Bony Lady, 2018) was selected to over 120 festivals around the world and won several awards. Her work has been shown at IDFA, RIDM, DOC NYC, Message to Man, Frameline, Fribourg IFF, among others.

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