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PRELUDE Festival 2023


Future Visions: Provocations for the Next Performance Ecosystem

Jess Applebaum and Nic Benacerraf

Circus / Movement, Dance, Discussion, Opera, Performance Art, Puppetry, Spoken Word, Theater



7:00PM EST

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Elebash Recital Hall, The Graduate Center, 5th Avenue, New York, NY, USA

New York City’s performance world has always been advanced by independent creators pushing the boundaries of how, where and for whom we generate live-art experiences. This panel begins with a series of brief manifestos delivered by artists and makers fueling the next chapter of this story, followed by a moderated conversation.

Curated and moderated by Jess Applebaum and Nic Benacerraf

Content / Trigger Description:

Edge Effect is a “think and do tank” that creates participatory experiences for individuals to share knowledge across personal, cultural, and disciplinary boundaries. Co-founded by dramaturg Jess Applebaum and director/scenographer Nic Benacerraf, each project unites a polydisciplinary coalition of artists, scholars, scientists, journalists, activists, and humanitarians, in the creation of works that address the harmful aspects of our profit-driven culture. EE’s process is deeply rooted in the edge-blurring practices of devised theater, which foster a shared ethics of consensual collaboration, a generous and joyful workspace, critical self-awareness, and healing through antiracist and anti-patriarchal action. The resulting collaborations take shape as live performances, broadly construed: immersive theater, hoax storefronts, dramatic concerts and lectures, and more—all designed to live at the intersection of analysis, enigma, spectacle, and delight. IG:

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