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Fill in your performance details for the Prelude 2023 festival organized by the Martin E. Segal Theater Center.

Since 2003, The Martin E. Segal Theatre Center has presented the PRELUDE Festival.

The annual PRELUDE festival is dedicated to artists at the forefront of contemporary New York City theatre, dance, interdisciplinary and mediatized performance. PRELUDE offers an array of short performances, readings, and screenings — a completely free survey of the current New York moment and the work being prepared for the next season and beyond—as well as new commissions and panel discussions with artists, scholars, and performers. PRELUDE is a place to discover what voices are shaping the future of theatre and performance in NYC, to observe, engage, commune, and critique.


October across New York City

At the Segal Center: Oct 11-14, 16, 19

For more details and questions, contact:

Ann Kreitman

Co-Producer, PRELUDE '23



Tayler Everts

Co-Producer, PRELUDE '23


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