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PRELUDE Festival 2023


Instagram: A Performance

Aaron Landsman

Theater, Performance Art


35-40 MInutes

3:30PM EST

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Elebash Recital Hall, The Graduate Center, 5th Avenue, New York, NY, USA

Instagram (A Performance) is 40-minute text about collective self-regard, written and directed by Aaron Landsman, performed by a different actor each showing. This Prelude showing will be performed by April Matthis.

The piece is an extended riff on how caught up we are in each others’ image diaries, and in our own self-reflections; on how even the most cynical or circumspect of us get wrapped up in how we show our feeds to our followers. Performers receive an orientation shortly before they perform - the script includes both words to say and simple scores for movement and gesture. The piece is rendered as a litany of single photos, one per page.

The joy in this piece is watching accomplished performers respond to and embody text in the moment, in the complicated way we often respond to our friends’ feeds. It is also an invitation for audience members to create for themselves the images they are hearing aloud - an imaginative act akin to reading - and to think about the moments in their lives that escape our lenses, that may be embodied and rendered more strongly as memory alone.

Will be presented by Abrons Arts Center in June 2024

Content / Trigger Description:

Aaron Landsman is a theater artist, researcher and teacher. His performance works have been presented by many venues in New York, including The Chocolate Factory, Abrons Arts Center, The Foundry Theatre, HERE and PS 122. His work has also been staged in Phoenix, Houston, Keene, San Francisco and other US cities, as well as in The Netherlands, Norway, Morocco, the UK and Serbia. He started the working group Perfect City, based at Abrons, which creates pathways through art for communities to envision more equitable cities, designed for the people who live here. His book The City We Make Together, co-authored with Mallory Catlett, came out with the University of Iowa Press in 2022. He has performed with Elevator Repair Service Theater, Tim Etchells, Tory Vazquez and Andrea Kleine, among other folks. He is a recent Creative Capital grantee, Guggenheim Fellow and ASU Gammage Residency Artist, and Perfect City's work is supported by The Artist Employment Program of Creatives Rebuild NY. He teaches part-time at Princeton.

@thinaar (IG and Twitter);

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