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PRELUDE Festival 2023


Love Distance

Shan Y. Chuang

Theater, Dance


10 minutes

5:30PM EST

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Martin E. Segal Theatre Center, 5th Avenue, New York, NY, USA

The piece is about a lesbian romantic love story. It will start with how they met, went through a long-distance relationship, and finally physically together.

Content / Trigger Description:

To be able to follow the story along

Shan Y. Chuang is an accomplished actor, singer, dancer, choreographer and pianist who was born and raised in Taiwan. Shan was trained in classical ballet, traditional Chinese dance and various Musical Theatre genres such as tap, jazz and hip-hop. She is a proud graduate of Circle in the Square’s Musical Theater program and is currently a member of Katharine Pettit Creative and LINKED Dance Theatre. She also holds an MFA in Musical Theater from National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU).

Shan’s work explores the world of LGBTQIA+, social justice, and self-discovery through dance movements. She focuses on creating physical narratives for the audience to follow the storyline. Shan received A City Artist Corps Grant and created a 30-minute dance, spoken words, and live piano piece “10 Years In The Making, 10 Years Of Me.” She is also a principal resident dancer at Katharine Pettit Creative and a collaborator with LINKED Dance Theater. Her theater credits include Once Upon A Mattress (Gallery Players), Caligula (New Ohio Theater), Liminal Archive (Al Límite), Breakthroughs (Queer Playback Theater), and Anything Goes.

Instagram @shanychuang

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