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Prelude in the Parks 2024 Festival

Bridge Matter / The Reach

Kinesis Project dance theatre


Friday, June 7, 2024



Inwood Hill Park, Gaelic Field, Manhattan

Use the 218th entrance to the Park. We'll guide you from there.

Presented by Mov!ng Culture Projects and The Segal Center in collaboration with

Presented by Mov!ng Culture Projects and The Segal Center

Kinesis Project brings new life into Inwood Hill Park with this excerpt of Bridge Matter/The Reach, created specifically for the park and Kinesis Project's uptown community, audiences will be led along pathways, waterways and bridge views with gorgeous dancing and the live music of Grammy Award winning musician, Johnny Butler. Bridge Matter / The Reach is a second collaboration with the research of geoscientist Dr. Missy Eppes and her colleagues, studying how our shifting climate is affecting even the bedrock of our earth.

Featured Image Credits: Sabrina Canas

Kinesis Project dance theatre

Kinesis Project dance theatre is a non-profit organization that creates site specific dance performances and facilitates educational programs. The company produces large-scale, space-changing and unexpectedly intimate dances.

Kinesis Project is at the forefront of the international discussion of placemaking, art engagement with diverse communities and the cultural imperative of art in public spaces.

Kinesis Project dances are inspired by Riker’s questions about the world around us. Those questions are excavated and answered through a generative, collaborative process with the dancers and designers of Kinesis Project. As the work moves into a site, Riker focuses on the expanse, scope and depth of the environment. Dances then further evolve based on the site, resulting in unique and custom performances in each space that the company enters.

Aimed at democratizing contemporary dance for audiences at all ages and demographics, Kinesis Project injects movement and stillness into unusual and inspiring places, pushing the boundaries of how people see and interact with that space.

As an educational and outreach organization, Kinesis Project teaches dance and creative thinking in schools, leads non-dancers in community movement making activities, and brings dance into public spaces.

As a producing organization, Kinesis Project dance theatre founded Women in Motion, a platform to support female choreographers in New York City.


Use the 218th entrance to the Park. We'll guide you from there.

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