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Prelude in the Parks 2024 Festival


Artichoke Dance Company


Saturday, June 8, 2024



Newtown Creek Nature Walk, Kingsland Ave, Brooklyn

Meet at the southeast entrance to the Newtown Creek Nature Walk, across the street from 540 Kingsland Avenue

Newtown Creek Alliance and NOoSPHERE Arts

Presented by Mov!ng Culture Projects and The Segal Center in collaboration with

Presented by Mov!ng Culture Projects and The Segal Center

Reflect on the nature of water and its importance as a life sustaining entity, while traversing through the Walk’s varied landscape in this dynamic performance journey through the Newtown Creek Nature Walk

Artichoke Dance Company

ENTERTAIN - our performances get people interested
ENGAGE - our workshops get people informed
EMPOWER - our events get people involved

Artichoke Dance Company is known for innovative and engaging performances paired with environmental activism, education, community building and civic engagement. Previous large scale projects have addressed plastic pollution mitigation on Coney Island, single use plastic bags in New York, river revitalization in Los Angeles, and water use and rights in the desert southwest. Founded in 1995 Artichoke Dance has held twenty New York seasons and toured nationally and internationally.

Artichoke was chosen as a metaphor for the layers and textures embedded into the company and our work, at the center of which is a sweet heart. We invite audiences and participants to join us in a journey of discovering and interacting with the variety of layers, and to revel in the magnificent flower an artichoke can become.


Meet at the southeast entrance to the Newtown Creek Nature Walk, across the street from 540 Kingsland Avenue

Newtown Creek Alliance and NOoSPHERE Arts

Newtown Creek Alliance and NOoSPHERE Arts

The Newtown Creek Alliance is a community-based organization dedicated to restoring, revealing, and revitalizing Newtown Creek.

The Newtown Creek Alliance works to restore the Creek by securing mitigation and remediation of known environmental hazards – both in the neighborhoods surrounding Newtown Creek and in Newtown Creek itself – reporting ongoing sources of pollution, and preventing new pollution. To restore the ecological functions of the waterway, the Newtown Creek Alliance supports investments in green infrastructure, bioremediation, and habitat restoration.

The Newtown Creek Alliance endeavors to reveal the Creek by conducting tours by foot, bike, bus, and boat that educate the public about the history of the waterway and current activity. We also work to nurture and expand open spaces along Newtown Creek to enable public access to a waterway which has few public access points and we partner with educational institutions to teach Newtown Creek-based curricula.

The Newtown Creek Alliance helps revitalize watershed communities by playing a leadership role in area-wide brownfield redevelopment planning, creating programs that improve the environmental profile of industrial businesses, and engaging in workforce development to create local green jobs. Our work supports environmental, economic, and human health.


NOoSPHERE Arts is a 501c3 organization and cultural center led by a team of international creatives whose backgrounds blend the arts and sciences. Its freewheeling, multidisciplinary approach engages diverse audiences and builds community through a range of vibrant public events in its indoor-outdoor home in New York City's Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

NOoSPHERE Arts produces and presents experimental arts programming at the nexus of art and eco-awareness. It is a welcoming platform where migrant artists connect with locals. Uniting music, dance, visual arts, theater, film, poetry & prose, our collaborative productions harness the power of art to drive action towards green living, fair play, and oneness.

NOoSPHERE Arts encourages dialogue, openness to experimentation, and inclusivity. We aim to elevate the voices of historically marginalized populations. We are driven by the desire to ignite a shift in perspective from the parts to the whole. We see life as a cooperative dance in which creativity and the constant emergence of novelty are the driving forces. Our goal is to instill belief in personal agency and hope through collective action: with shared efforts towards sustainability, diversity, and equity, we can create a more united and joyful world.

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