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Prelude in the Parks 2024 Festival

Land Connections: Reflections with Dennis

Dennis RedMoon Darkeem

Interactive Performance

Saturday, June 8, 2024



Bronx River Community Garden.,The Bronx

Meet at 1086 E 180th Street.

Bronx River Community Garden

Presented by Mov!ng Culture Projects and The Segal Center in collaboration with

Presented by Mov!ng Culture Projects and The Segal Center

Dennis invites the public to join him in an interactive observance to create a space filled with positive energy and reflections on our connections to the land. Participants will engage in Dennis's practices of reflection, manifestation, transformation, and holistic approaches. These practices are deeply rooted in his Black and Indigenous cultural heritage, honoring ancestors who are intertwined with the very land we live on.

By participating, the community will explore ancestral connections, learn about cultural traditions, and develop a greater understanding of how these influences shape our relationship with the land. This project aims to foster a sense of unity, respect, and reverence for the earth, while also celebrating the rich cultural history that Dennis brings to his work.

Dennis RedMoon Darkeem

Dennis RedMoon Darkeem is an American artist and educator of Black and Yat’siminoli Creek- Seminole background, whose multidisciplinary practice spans painting, sculpture, installation, and performance art. Born in the Bronx, New York, Darkeem has rooted his artistic inquiry in the exploration of his Black/ Native American heritage, personal narratives, and the broader themes of social and environmental justice.

Darkeem’s work often reflects on his experiences growing up in an urban environment and the juxtaposition of his indigenous cultural heritage within that context. He employs a variety of materials and techniques, ranging from traditional Indigenous crafts to contemporary art forms, creating pieces that are both deeply personal and universally resonant. His art serves as a bridge between past and present, aiming to foster dialogue around issues of identity, community, and the impact of societal structures on the individual and the environment.

Throughout his career, Darkeem has been actively involved in community-based projects and education, using art as a tool for engagement and empowerment. He has worked with numerous organizations, schools, and cultural institutions, facilitating workshops, art programs, and exhibitions that encourage participants to explore their own identities and experiences through creative expression.

Dennis RedMoon Darkeem’s contributions to the arts extend beyond his individual practice, as he is a passionate advocate for the role of art in social change. His work has been exhibited in galleries, museums, and public spaces, gaining recognition for its depth, craftsmanship, and commitment to social and environmental themes. Through his art and activism, Darkeem continues to inspire and challenge viewers, promoting a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all peoples and the natural world.


Meet at 1086 E 180th Street.

Bronx River Community Garden

Bronx River Community Garden

The Bronx Community River Garden is one of the oldest community gardens in the Bronx which features large productive beds and sustainable gardening practices including rainwater harvesting and composting, and provides seasonal community events for all.

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