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The Martin E. Segal Theater Center presents

Genocide and Movements

At the Segal Theatre Film and Performance Festival 2024

A film by

Andreia Beatriz, Hamilton Borges dos Santos, Luis Carlos de Alencar

Discussion, Documentary, Performance Art

This film will be screened in-person on May 17th.

About The Film





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The setting up of a solo performance, the outbreak of revolt, the collective clamor of the marches. Art, organization and rage against the genocide of black people. An audiovisual manifesto recorded between 2008 and 2016, in the two cities with the greatest black presence in Brazil

CAST/PEOPLE INTERVIEWED: Gustavo Melo Cerqueira Ágatha Oliveira Rodrigo dos Santos Luis Carlos de Alencar Hilton Cobra Joel Zito Araújo Val Da Mata Lio Nzumbi Hamilton Borges dos Santos Angelo Flávio Vilma Reis Onisajé Syrup Jesiel Oliveira Fred Aganju Caroline Amanda Borges Andreia Beatriz dos Santos Christen A. Smith Antonio Borgens /// Directors: Andreia Beatriz, Hamilton Borges dos Santos, Luis Carlos de Alencar Solo performance: Gustavo Melo Cerqueira Screenplay: Luis Carlos de Alencar and Ricardo Gomes Production: Couro de Rato Executive producer: Vladimir Seixas Photography: Marcel Gonnet Wainmayer Camera: Igor Caiê do Amaral Consulting: Lena Azevedo and Sandra Carvalho Editing: Ricardo Gomes Direct sound: Couro de Rato Assistant director: Aline Frey, Gláucia Marinho and Patrícia Freitas Graphic arts and videography: Couro de Rato Poster art: Maia Moon Sound design, mixing and original soundtrack: Thiago Sobral Original music: film REAJA - DJ GUG Declamation: Cíntia Guedes Artistic supervision: Marcel Gonnet Wainmayer Body Preparation: Agatha Oliveira Collaboration: Rodrigo de Odé, Hilton Cobra and Joel Zito Araújo Spaces: Ngoma School of Capoeira Angola, Theater of the Oppressed Center and Vila Velha Theater

About The Artist(s)

Andreia Beatriz, Hamilton Borges dos Santos, Luis Carlos de Alencar

- Debuting Director, Doctor at Lemos Brito Penitentiary, in Bahia, Specialist in Family and Community Medicine, Master in Public Health. Coordinator of the Political Organization React or Be Dead, Co-founder of the Winnie Mandela Quilombist Community School. Author of the book “Olhar por entre grares, lives in poems”, published by Reaja Editora (2020) of which she is co-founder.

Hamilton Borges - Debuting Director. Born and raised in Curuzu, Salvador City in Bahia. His knowledge comes from his black wrestling and emotional interaction with the women in his family, especially his paternal grandmother. He conceived and integrates the “React or it will be dead” and the Winnie Mandela School. Writer of “General Theory of Failure”, “Salvador, tomb city”, “Ariel's black book” and “Libido, oil palm and melanin”.

Luis Carlos de Alencar
Director, screenwriter, researcher. Partner of the production company Couro de Rato. Directed by the short Homem Invisíveis, Best International Doc at the Trans Stellar Film Festival-Detroit/USA; award at the Mix Brasil Festival; best direction - DIGO - International Film Festival of Sexual and Gender Diversity - GO and Festival de Inhapim - MG; Best Documentary - Festival Cine Tamoio and Festival de Jaraguá do Sul; Best Regional Short at the Rio LGBTQIA+ Film Festival. Directed Contagem Regressiva, Best Doc and Best Soundtrack at Rio WF 2016; directed the doc Bombadeira, taken to more than 30 national and foreign festivals, RedeTrans award - 10 years of Bombadeira, for the contribution of the work to the transsexual community. Director, with Vladimir Seixas, of the series Corpos Periféricos (6 episodes), shown by ESPN. As Assistant Director, he acted in 21 works, including feature documentaries, telefilms and 6 TV series. Post-Graduate in Cinema and Audiovisual at M_EIA, Cape Verde Institute of Art; Postgraduate in Communication and Image at PUC-Rio; Graduated in Law from UFBA.

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